Walk That Walk specializes in high-energy Chicago Blues.  But this record showcases their ability to stay true to their core, while spanning to roots rock, blues rock and Americana.”

– The Boston Herald

“These guys get your feet moving and your heart pumping.  They talk about playing the  “Dancin’ Blues” and that’s a pretty spot-on way to describe their sound.  They’ve been doin’ their thing for years around here, and their tunes are better than ever.”
– The Blues Audience

“They lay down some fine boogie-woogie blues licks and make them sizzle.  This is a smokin’ collection of tunes.”
– Northeast Performer

“They bring a gang to a room, and keep them movin’ and drinkin’ all night long.  The vibe on their tunes is really solid.”
– Matterhorn


Boston Blues Society Award Winners

You can hear our three latest original releases – “You Good.?!”, “Fat Man’s Buffet” and “No Thinking Allowed” on Spotify, Apple Music and all major online platforms.