Shiretown Sessions


1. Mr. Irresistible

2. Barbecue

3. 23 Hour Woman

4. Little Red Rooster

5. Walk That Walk

6. Tough To Be A Man

7. Walking With Kings

8. Jump My Baby

9. Nightclub Tan

10. Get Up Get Out

Liner Notes

Early in 1995, Walk That Walk was approached by Shiretown Records to do a CD project showcasing the band’s remarkable original compositions. While staying true to the spirit of the “old masters”, (the band cites Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson, Son House, Muddy Waters, and others) Walk That Walk managed to renew the traditional form with a collection of witty, gritty tunes for their self-titled debut CD.

Particular favorites of blues radio hosts around the country include: “23 Hour Woman”, “Barbecue”, and “Mr. Irresistible”, a tribute to the great Jimmy Reed.

Released on Shiretown Records in 1996, this recording saw play on independent radio stations throughout the United States.

Randi Laak Drums

Dirk Van Gulden Bass Guitar

Chuck “Poppa C” DeSnyder Guitar, Slide Guitar & Vocals

Ted “Hastings” Armstrong Keyboards

Tim Gartland – Harmonica & Vocals

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