No thinking Allowed


1. Stoop Down (WTW)

2. Nightclub Tan (WTW)

3. Slow Down (LBJ)

4. Circle of Love (LBJ)

5. 180 Degrees (WTW)

6. Rock 'n' Roll Queen (LBJ)

7. Commit a Crime (LBJ)

8. Walkin' with Kings (WTW)

9. Detroit (LBJ)

10. A Blues Feelin' (LBJ)

11. Walkin' Blues (WTW)

12. Shame Shame Shame (WTW)

13. Jumpin' Jack Flash (LBJ)

Liner Notes

A collaboration between Walk That Walk and Lyndon Baines’ Johnson


Randi Laak – Drums

James “Stickman” Waldron – Harmonica

“Poppa C” DeSnyder – Guitars and Vocals

Mike Barrows – Bass

Ted Armstrong – Keyboards


Ben DeSnyder appears courtesy of the band “Bill Clinton’s Clinton.”
– Guitar on “Circle of Love”, “Detroit”, “Rock n Roll Queen” and “Slow Down,”  Drums on “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”

Richard “Cheese” Welch – Drums on “Circle of Love”, “Rock n Roll Queen”
and “Slow Down.”

Chuck DeSnyder – Guitar, Bass, and Vocals on all LBJ songs. Drums on
“Commit A Crime” and “Detroit.”

Alan Waters – Drums on “A Blues Feelin.”

Ted Armstrong – Keyboards

Produced and engineered by Poppa C
Recorded at Tone Patrol Studios, Holliston, MA
Mixed by Roger Stauss at Noteworthy Studios, Granville, VT
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice
CD Design: james Waldron design

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