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Big World of Trouble

Big World of Trouble is the latest release from Walk That Walk, debuting on February 7th, 2023.

1. Roof Got a Hole
2. Boogie Chillen
3. Big World of Trouble
4. Get Up Get Out
5. See Poppa C
6. Mississippi Jukin'
7. You Can't Stay Here
8. Still a Fool
9. Good Woman

Liner Notes:

Walk That Walk

Dirk van Gulden – Electric Bass & Double Bass

Randi Laak – Drums

Ted Hastings Armstrong – Keyboards

Tim Gartland – Harmonica; Vocals on “Roof Got a Hole”

James Stickman Waldron – Harmonica on “Boogie Chillen” and “Good Woman

Mike Barrows – Electric Bass on “Boogie Chillen” and “Good Woman”

Poppa C DeSnyder – Guitar, Slide Guitar, Dobro, Vocals


Special Guests

Ben DeSnyder – Baritone Sax

Bob Sparadeo – Percussion on “Roof Got a Hole”, “Big World of Trouble” and “Mississippi Jukin’

Maria Tollefson & Jonathan Rosoff – Backing Vocals on “Roof Got a Hole”, “Big World of Trouble” and “Mississippi Jukin’”

Recording Info

All songs written by Gartland / DeSnyder, except “Boogie Chillen (John Lee Hooker), “Big World of Trouble (van Gulden / DeSnyder), “Get Up Get Out”, “See Poppa C”, “You Can’t Stay Here” (DeSnyder), and “Good Woman” (Johnnie Johnson)

Produced by Poppa C

Engineered and recorded by Roger Stauss at Noteworthy Studios, Granville VT and Poppa C at Tone Patrol Studios, Holliston MA

Mixed by Roger Stauss 

Mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA

CD Design: Jimmy James Love